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Molecular Visualizations

2022-07-01 Written by Martin D.C.

Molecular dynamics simulations and visualizations.

Rubisco Protein Vis

Image 1: My favourite and the most abundant protein on Earth, RubisCO visualized in Blender

Video 1: RubisCO active enzymatic site interaction animation.

Video 2: AF-P60995-F1 folding over to more stable shape. 1s = 500 femto-seconds

Video 3: Pretty cool stuff! I took the Ubiquitin protein and progressively introduced genetic mutations by inserting random tri-nucleotide repeat. Each mutagenesis cycle was then processed by Alpha Fold model.

Video 4: Molecular dynamics simulation of interaction between the antigen-binding region from the monoclonal anti-lysozome antibody and the antigen, hen egg white lysozome.

Video 5: My first successful molecular simulation of a protein folding using Gaisteger solver (that is also considering hydrogen bonding) protein used: AF-P60995-F1 (e-coli) short peptide seq