Optical Frameworks - XP


2024-01-04 Written by Martin D.C.

Skill points acquired.




  • Python (8/10)
  • JavaScript frameworks: node.js, express.js, astro, vue
  • Backend programming, custom APIs
  • MySQL
  • C++ (1/10)
  • SQL (1/10)
  • JavaScript (1/10)

Python is my strongest language. I’ve utilized it for OS automation tasks, image recognition, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and implementing language models. In data science, I’ve worked with basic physics simulations, evolutionary algorithms, linear regressions, non-linear regressions, frequency analysis FFT, wavelet analysis, etc., mostly using packages like NumPy, pandas, Plotly, SciPy, and NLTK. Additionally, I have basic knowledge of PyTorch and TensorFlow.

I use C++ sparingly, mainly for optimizing tasks, particularly in relation to game engines or when a custom data parser is required. I typically stay one level up until I need custom plugins or faster code.

As a programmer, I predominantly work in the Unreal Engine 4/5 environment, primarily as a VR/App developer.

Software Knowledge

  • Unreal Engine (9/10)
  • Blender (5/10)
  • Fusion360 (4/10)
  • Touch Designer (4/10)
  • Cubase and other recording software


  • Electronics & Microcontrollers
  • CNC
  • CAD

Over the years, I’ve completed numerous projects involving microcontrollers, both for artistic purposes and for collecting data over extended periods or for self-regulating systems involving air communication with databases. I’ve also constructed a CNC router machine for crafting precise machined parts from wood and light metals, significantly enhancing my ability to build and create a wide variety of projects.

Other Projects & Mentions: