Optical Frameworks - Goals & Projects

Goals & Projects

2024-02-04 Written by Martin D.C.

My long term goals for personal projects. Filling the checkboxes is of course secondary to having fun in personal projects, there are here more to keep track with it and for you to know what I am planning on, so let's go!


Goals & projects in Genetics & Biology:

  • Make a laminar flow hood/biosafety cabinet (finished).
  • Extract DNA.
  • Run a PCR with custom primers.
  • Run an electrophoresis.
  • Read a short gene and predict its structure.
  • Make some great microscopy pictures/videos.

Goals & projects in Engineering & Electronics:

  • Build a PCR machine.
  • Build a centrifuge for DNA separation.
  • Build a CNC machine.
  • Build a spectrometer.
  • Build a prototype of the autonomous soaring wing for data collection.
  • Build a rover capable of self-driving and data collection, such as soil humidity and atomic composition using spectroscopy.

Goals & projects in Sports & Fitness:

  • Rock climbing & bouldering:
    • Climb outdoors 7A overhanging roof.
    • Climb indoors 7A boulder.
  • Weightlifting:
    • BW bench press.
    • BW ATG squat.
    • Keep progressing and be humble!

Goals & projects in Education & Art:

  • Create educational content for PC/VR about genetic processes.
  • Make a series of videos about learning from and processing raw data like .pdb protein data bank format, etc.
  • Share some fascination with the algorithmic nature of the universe and patterns around us.

Goals & projects in Chemistry:

  • Build a fume hood.
  • Learn basic distillation techniques.
  • Learn separation methods.
  • Make chemicals to grow interesting crystals under a microscope and create audiovisual art with them.

Goals & projects in Programming:

  • Make a PDB protein file “next-gen” visualizer.
  • Create a series about working with and visualizing data in Python.
  • Make computer simulations of various physical phenomena.