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Agar Protocols

2022-07-01 Written by Martin D.C.

My experiences with cultivating mushroom colonies on agar plates, sterilizing & petri dishes.


MAE Recipe #1

The best recipe that has worked for me so far.

  • 10g Agar Agar
  • 7.5g Malt (note: if liquid candid, add more)
  • 500 ml boiling purified water


  • stir between sterilization to disallow sugar to solidify
  • sterilization: 20min @ 15psi

If you have electric cooker like Tesla Cooker, pressure might fluctuate so I go for aprox. 30 min total)

Optionaly wait 24-78hours to see if no contaminants are present. source: Mycology Exploration YouTube

Petri Dish Sterilization: 30 min @ 15psi Agar Agar Sterilization: 30 min @ 15psi

10g Agar Agar 7.5g Malt 500 ml H2O

30 min @ 15psi

note: TeslaCooker vysoky tlak: 50 ~ 70 kPa

varka 1:

5 g agar 3.75 g malt 250 ml distiled water

naplnilo 10 misek, sediment, predelani do krabicky a zpet, pro cisty vysledek bud: trepat, nebo sito po provareni do varu

varka 2: 6 g agar 4.5 g malt 300 ml distiled water

scratch, no growth, podezreni: malo cukru, objednano:

Tekuty Sladovy vytazek Obsah sušiny: 80-82% (tj. nadhodnotit mnozstvi o ty procenta)

varka 3:

5g agar 3.75 * 1.2 = 4.5 g candid malt 250 ml distilled water

poured at 50 C

made total 11 plates, nice n clear agar

innoculated 8.6.2023

na varce 3 uspech spory Moravica, sber 20. listopadu

more nutrient agar test:

2 g agar 3 g candid malt extract 100 ml water

not sure, difference might be due to mycelium gen